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Terms And Conditions

We do not analyse, dismantle or remove any part or component or mechanism from the vehicle when carrying out the Examination and therefore we do not accept liability for defects which arise in any part of the vehicle which is not included in our examination, or not reasonably apparent or capable of identification at the time of Examination nor for latent defects which are later discovered nor for defects which arise after the Examination if they were not reasonably detectable at the time the Examination was carried out.

You agree that a lack of defect in any part of the vehicle at the time of the Examination does not constitute a warranty of guarantee of durability in any part of the vehicle, nor is it a guarantee against defects arising in the future.

We will carry out a vehicle Examination and provide a report of our finding to you. Our inspection consists of a visual and external check on the vehicle you have registered to be examined and does not include a fault diagnosis or any dismantling or removal of parts. In total we will check up to 166 aspects of the vehicle depending on the make and model of the vehicle and the type of examination you have booked. If a road test is included in your Examination, we will conduct a road test up to ten miles, which will be carried out within the local speed limits.

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